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Do you have your story idea yet?

Is anyone locked onto the story idea for this year's NaNoWriMo? I've got a few I'm toying with, I've run into the problem of keeping the story going in the past so I know how important it is to have something which won't run out of steam too quickly.

Three ideas I've got as possibles:
1. Man finding out he's a werewolf, it turns out that the condition is very more like a split-personality rather than mindless transformation.

2. An X-File'ish idea set during the Victorian age.

3. Fantasy story set in a sort of animal-centric world (a less kidsy Lion King world), magic is almost unknown but the birth of an almost unicorn like creature with magic abilities is seen as possibly throwing the world into war.

I know they're not really that well sketched out, I may instead jump on an idea or two I'd attempted in previous years but barely even started writing due to bad timing of November in those years.

Camp NaNoWriMo

This is probably too early to ask but I'm wondering how many of you are planning on participating for Camp NaNoWriMo? It will run for the months of June and August. I'm pretty sure I want to participate for both months... A little insane but the challenge is fun. Anyone else?

If you've never heard of it, it's from the folks who run NNWM. They ran a poll and people said they wanted more months like November so they came up with Camp NNWM. Last year (2011), they had a beta month in July and then ran officially for August. You don't have to sign up again, you just log in with your NNWM info.
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A Novel Competition Winners!

*Quick Update (12/22/11): The gift certificates have been sent!

At last, the results are in for LJ's A Novel Competition!

Many thanks to our guest judge Mark Coker, who carefully read over the finalist entries and provided us with critical insight and feedback.

And a giant thank you to everyone who submitted a book jacket copy/story summary for the contest. LiveJournal is so proud and inspired by each of you!

Congratulations behindtonsils!

Grand Prize Winner of the Amazon Kindle and a $20 gift certificate:

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Special Entry Post: "A Novel Competition"

Congratulations NaNoWriMo 2011!

At last, this crazy marathon writing experience has come to its final chapter. Was your mission accomplished? Did you scribble your 50,000th word at 11:59 p.m. last night?

Even if you didn't quite finish- be proud- you have exhibited a feat of willpower and creativity that few people will ever experience. (And don't forget, you'll always have another chance next year.)

As a big thank you to all our writers, we want to invite all our community members to participate in the epilogue to NaNoWriMo 2011: "A Novel Competition".

When: December 1st through December 8th.

Where: The comments section of this post

What to do: Submit a brief plot summary or “book jacket copy” about their novel, maximum 250 words, in this contest entry's comments.

Who wins: LJ Editors will select the top five finalists from the entries. Guest judge Mark Coker (you may remember Mark from his recent LJ interview) from Smashwords will choose one grand prize winner from the finalist pool.


1 Grand Prize winner
Amazon Kindle $20 gift certificate

4 Finalists prizes $20 gift certificate

( is a website where authors can publish hardcover or paper copies of their books.)

For some, the anticipation of this contest might feel like Waiting for Godot. For others, these words could be no more than "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" but a chance to win some prizes. Either way, we look forward to reading your submissions! Good luck, writers!
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I'm going to bask in this moment 8D

So at two minutes to midnight on the 30th of November I decided to check my word count officially, because hey, why not?

I was rather pleased with what I saw. 50122 words, and it isn't even finished yet. 

I'm so proud of myself :') After failing three years in a row, it's nice to break what may have been a rather depressing pattern. :D
Winner 2011

Just in Time!

I did it! Three minutes to midnight, local time, I hit 50,390 (50,729, according to OpenOffice), despite the last few days thinking I'd miss the deadline by just a few thousand words. I wound up writing almost 5,000 words today, and more than 3,000 yesterday (schoolwork + Thanksgiving Break = a bad week for fun writing), but I did it.

Congratulations to all you other 50Kers, and to those of you not quite there yet, keep going! I have faith in you! <3


so it was touch and go there for a moment...

I honestly didn't think I'd make it. I started late, stopped writing for a week half way through due to being ill and RL and work and I only finished just 2 ish hours ago. Right on the last minute. Today I woke up with 5K words to write and now I am at 50133 words!! 

I bought treats to nom as my reward! 

Keep going to all of you who are still pushing for the 50k, don't give up, you can do it and congrats to all those who can sit back and smile now it's done :3

I have had fun! But I am glad I made it ;3 
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Finally, on my *mumble mumble*th attempt, I've won! I hit over 50K this morning (then slept, because I needed it so). I'll keep my squee-ing to my own journal, but I had to share.

Good luck to everyone who is still writing and congrats to everyone!