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The Night of Writing Dangerously

Saturday night, which happened to be the midpoint of this whole crazy novel-in-a-month thing, I went to the NaNoWriMo Write-a-thon, also known as the Night of Writing Dangerously. NaNo fundraisers from all over the Bay Area, the country, and the world flocked to the Somarts Ballroom for a night of candy, coffee, raffles, inspiring speeches, word sprints, and prizes. I was so excited to be there to present the Grand Prize LiveJournal Laptop to the top fundraiser, the lovely and talented Tupelo Hassman. The write-a-thon brought in almost $28,000 for the Young Writers Program, $3100 of which came from Tupelo's supporters. In an uncanny coincidence, Tupelo said that two weeks before the Write-a-thon, her cat spilled a glass of water all over Tupelo's Dell laptop, sending the motherboard to the great beyond. Luckily for Tupelo, there was a Dell Studio laptop waiting for her at the Write-a-thon.

Check out pictures of the big event below the cut.

Tupelo in her red dress holding the ruby red laptop. They look so good together.

Tupelo showing off her prize.

NaNo founder Chris Baty gave an amazing speech about the 10-year history of NaNoWriMo.

A ballroom full of writers hard at work.

My tablemate californiamaggie's adorable tiny laptop.

Monotreme hits the 50,000-word mark during the Write-a-thon. Bingo!

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